Have you ever attended a concert at which no one spoke, and there was nothing but music titles in the program? Rather unexciting, wasn't it. 

Program notes, especially notes read by a narrator, or "discoursed" by the director, lend life to a concert. They bring the audience inside the experience and make them a part of it, and enhance the enjoyment for audience and players alike. 

But it's a lot of work to write good program notes.

Hundreds, even thousands of music directors write good notes every year, every month!

Why should we all duplicate our efforts? We shouldn't. Therefore, Silver Clef Music Publishing is making available as a public service, this repository of Program Notes.

In the early phases, we will have mostly BAND program notes, because that's where our focus is. But we won't limit it to that. As we get submissions from other types of ensembles, or even solo performances, we will open new sections for those notes as well.

We currently have over 50 listings, and hope to multiply that by ten or even a hundred in the next few months.

But we need your help. 

Please dig into your old files and find your old program notes, and send them to us. Just make sure they are notes that you have written yourself, or that you own the copyrights to. We don't want to infringe on anyone else's copyright, but we do want everyone to have access to some good program notes.

Please use the View Notes button above to browse the existing program notes, and the Submit Notes button to send us your own program notes that we can include in this repository.

Notes can be written either for a Narrator to read, or to be printed in a program. Please make your notes interesting and relatively short. In other words, don't write more than your mother or boss would want to read.

Another fun aspect we would like to encourage here would be the submission of anecdotes about various pieces of music. Did something funny happen during your performance of Washington Post? Is You're A Grand Old Flag of particular significance to your grandmother? Tell us about it here and share these wonderful stories with the rest of the music community.

We look forward to having this program notes repository become "The Place To Go" to find or submit great program notes. With your help, it will be just that.







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