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How appropriate that the very first listings we posted here on Project Sousa are marches by -- John Philip Sousa!

Sousas' Favorite March Book. This is an assemblage of sixteen Sousa marches for band. Click here to read more. We Now Have SCORES to all the marches!

The Airline March.  Brand new arrangements of a 1909 march, created especially for Project Sousa! Read more here.

The AMEN From Handel's Messiah. Thanks to Ken Grace for donating this arrangement. Read more here.

Parade of the Doodlebugs. What a delightful rag for band. Get the details and download here.

March "The Ambassador" by E.E. Bagley. This 1907 march by one of the old masters needs to be in everyone's library. Read more and download here.

NOTE: All the files listed here are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or some other PDF reader to see and print them. You can either see or download them by clicking on the links. Marches scanned from march-sized paper can be printed nicely in the landscape mode on 8 1/2 x 11" paper, filling up the page and making it much easier to read for musicians whose eyesight isn't as keen as it once was.


Listings from Sousa's Favorite March Book:


On October 10, 2005, we received a polite letter from Mr. Kris Kazaka at Carl Fischer informing us that while these marches are indeed in the public domain in the U.S., they are still protected in some territories. Therefore, because the internet is an international medium, we have removed the PDFs of these marches from the Project Sousa site. 

Please email us for more information.

The Carl Fischer editions are still available, on march-sized music for about $15 each from some distributors, $25 from others. The Project Sousa editions have been enlarged to print on standard-size paper, but you must print them yourself. Bands with younger eyes should probably buy the march-sized editions. Older eyes may have trouble seeing these.

WASHINGTON POST MARCH. (1.8 MB) Condensed Score | Full Score | From the Sousa's Favorite March Book. Missing low clarinets. Somewhat different than the other listings from this book, this package includes parts for 1st & 2nd F Horn and Baritone B.C. 1889.

OUR FLIRTATIONS March. (1.2 MB)  Condensed Score | Number two in the Sousa's Favorite March Book. Missing low clarinets. The 1st Cornet part has cue notes and other notations indicating it is to be used as the conductor's score, and has the notation "Am. Star J'l" in the upper left (American Star Journal). 1890.

SEMPER FIDELIS March.  (1.5 MB)  Condensed Score |  Full Score  |  The third march in the Sousa's Favorite March Book. Missing low clarinets. Extra Parts include Eb Cornet 2 (Bari Sax Alt), Trombone (Alt bassoon), Baritone B.C. (Alt bassoon) (this in addition to the standard Baritone B.C. part). Solo Cornet part is also annotated "Conductor's", and is two pages long, with the second page being double-staffs. 1888 

NATIONAL FENCIBLES March. (1.1 MB)  Score |
This is the fourth march in the Sousa's Favorite March Book. Missing low clarinets. The 1st Cornet part has cues and annotations that enable it to be used as the conductor's score. 1888.

HIGH SCHOOL CADETS March. (1.1 MB)  Condensed Score  |  Full Score  |  Fifth listing in the Sousa's Favorite March Book. Missing low clarinets. Solo cornet part can be used by the conductor. 1890.

THE PICADORE MARCH.  (1.1 MB)  Score |
Number six in the Sousa's Favorite March Book. Missing low clarinets. Solo cornet part can be used as the conductor's reference. 1889.

THE BEAU IDEAL MARCH.  (1.2 MB)  Score |
The seventh march in the Sousa's Favorite March Book is missing the same parts as the others: low clarinets. There are good cues in the 1st Cornet part so it can be used as a conductor's score. 1893.

THE BELLE OF CHICAGO March. (1 MB) Score |
This is the eighth listing in the Sousa's Favorite March Book. This package is missing parts for low clarinets. Solo cornet part for the conductor. 1892.

The ninth listing in Sousa's Favorite March Book. Missing low clarinets. First cornet for the conductor. 1889.

THE THUNDERER March. (1.3 MB)  Score |  
Tenth in the Sousa's Favorite March Book. Missing low clarinets. Somewhat different than your normal parts, this arrangement also includes a part labeled for the conductor (although it's identical to the 1st cornet part, even down to the pencil markings! - I suspect someone relabeled a 1st Cornet part), a Solo Eb Alto Sax part (in addition to the 1st Alto Sax part), a 1st & 2nd Bb Trumpet part (in addition to the cornet parts), and the drum part includes parts for regimental drums and F Trumpets. 1889.

"SOUND OFF" MARCH. (1.7 MB)  Score |
The eleventh march in Sousa's Favorite March Book. It's missing parts for the low clarinets. Cues on the first cornet part make it usable as a score. Somehow, we don't believe the title of this march refers to the volume of a TV show. 1885.

The dozenth listing in Sousa's Favorite March Book. Missing parts for low clarinets and hurdygurdy. Cue notes on the solo cornet part enable its use as a conductor's score. 1891.

THE CORCORAN CADETS MARCH.  (1.7 MB)  Score | Lucky thirteen in Sousa's Favorite March Book. Missing low clarinets. Cue notes in the first cornet part make it double as conductor's reference. 1890.

THE GLADIATOR MARCH. (1.6 MB)  Condensed Score  |  Full Score  |  Fourteenth in Sousa's Favorite March Book. Missing low clarinets. 1st cornet part for the conductor. 1886.

ON PARADE MARCH. (1.7 MB)  Condensed Score  |  Full Score  |  The fifteenth march in the Sousa's Favorite March Book, the cover page also gives this march the parenthetical title "(The Lion Tamer)." We have no idea right now why it's called this, but we'd certainly like to hear the story, if anyone knows it. Missing parts for low clarinets. Solo cornet part for the conductor. 1895.

"RIGHT FORWARD" March. (1.6 MB)  Score |
Sixteenth and last in the Sousa's Favorite March Book. Missing low clarinets. Cues in the 1st cornet part for the conductor. 1894.

BONUS LISTINGS from the book:

The Book Covers. (0.33 MB)
The page we list as the "Cover Page" in the downloads above is actually the outside back cover of the book. This PDF will show you all four sides - inside and outside of the front and back - of the cover of this march book.

New Band Music For The Campaign. (0.3 MB)
This is fascinating. It seems people wrote band music to honor all the Presidential candidates of 1884. The price for the full band arrangement, including reeds and brass, was fifty cents! This tiny PDF shows you the Eb Cornet parts for General Harrison's Quickstep and for L.P. Morton's Quickstep. We know that the Harrison mentioned here wasn't President William Henry Harrison, because he died (in office) in 1841, one month after being sworn in. Sorry, all we have are these parts for these marches.

COMING SOON (Eventually):  We also have John Philip Sousa's original arrangement of The Star Spangled Banner. We just haven't had time to digitize it yet, but we will, and we'll list it here. If you're eager and anxious to get it right away, shoot us an email and we'll move it up in our queue of things to do. Otherwise check back here in a month or so and see if it's been posted.

Edward W. Croft

THE AIRLINE MARCH. We actually have TWO great arrangements of this 1909 march by Edward W. Croft. 

Croft wrote this march to commemorate his building an actual airliner in Milwaukee. A friend and trombone player in my band went to the 2006 Experimental Aircraft Association show in Oshkosh, and brought me the sheet music piano score of this march as a gift and possible wall decoration. I saw it was in the public domain and therefore a good candidate for Project Sousa. Being tremendously busy, I put out a call on Ron Boerger's C-M (community music) list for people to arrange this for band, and got several responses. The first people to come back with finished arrangements are below. If we get additional arrangements, we'll post them here also. We welcome your feedback on these arrangements. 

For Brass Quintet. This arrangement comes to us courtesy of Steve Wells, who forwarded the source music for this to Duane Duede, who regularly arranges music for the Uncle Ezra's Chiropractic Brass Quintet, purveyors of well-adjusted music. I haven't heard them play, but they sound like a fun group. Duane has arranged this with both Eb and F horn parts, so it ought to be playable by either standard or brass band quintets. 

Here's a download link for Duane Duede's brass quintet arrangement of The Airline March: Click Here.

For Full Concert Band. This arrangement is courtesy of Dean McMakin in Indiana. He's put in some good work arranging this for full band, and we heartily thank him for it. You have your choice of any or all of three different downloads. Each "click here" link will take to you the link at our download service. 

MP3 -- Click here. This is a computer-generated MP3 rendition of the tune. If you download the PDF files and play it with your band, we'd LOVE to get a live rendering of it to post here. Meantime, you can listen to this to at least see what the march sounds like.

Letter-Size -- Click here. This is the march formatted as PDF files to print on letter-sized paper. This is the size printers most people have, but you'll wind up with loose-leaf parts. Each part is two pages.

11 x 17 Size -- Click here. This is the same thing, but formatted to print on 11x17 (tabloid-size) paper. If you have a printer capable of printing paper this size, this is a much better option. 

George Frederic Handel

The AMEN from The Messiah. (Click to download) Transcribed directly from Handel's choral score, this wonderful arrangement by Ken Grace is now available right here on Project Sousa! Read More.

(Click here for alternate download of MP3)

Fred L. Moreland

Parade of the Doodlebugs (Click to download, 1.1 MB). This delightful 1909 tune is subtitled "March Characteristic," but it's really a great turn-of-the-century (the nineteenth century!) rag for band. It's scored for bands of that era, with only a Db piccolo part, no flute parts, and the alto saxes will have to read the alto horn parts, which are only in Eb. The conductor needs to read off of the Solo Cornet part. 

If you get a recording of this piece, send us the MP3 and we'll post it and give you credit! 

E. E. Bagley

March: "The Ambassador" (Click to download, 1.7 MB). Thanks to RG of Boston for submitting this 1907 march by a noted New England bandmaster, most famous for his National Emblem march.

As all other "march-sized" music in Project Sousa, we have enlarged the PDF pages so one part completely fills an 8  x 11 sheet. Russ has cleverly put the author and title at the edge of a short side of the music, so you can easily see what the tune is when thumbing through the music in your folder. Thanks to Doug MacLeod of the Windjammers ( for this great idea!

This march has typical instrumentation for the period, including Db Piccolo, Eb Horns, and no saxophone parts. But it does include treble clef trombone and bass parts, so you ought to be able to make do. 

Again, we'd like to get modern parts and a recording of this. So if you can help, we'd all appreciate it. Thanks to Scott Jones for providing the C flute/piccolo part, and thanks to Ken Grace for providing the Bass Clarinet and F Horn parts!

G. E. Holmes

HYDROPHOBIA: A Trombone Smear (Not available for download). We haven't played or heard this one, but from perusing the parts, it looks like a lot of fun. Published in 1909, this tune is sure to be a hit with your trombone section as well as your audience!

Update: The C.L. Barnhouse company, original publisher of this tune, still has it available in their Archive Editions. Part of the philosophy of Project Sousa is to make available tunes that are public domain and are out of print. Since this tune is not out of print (thank you, Barnhouse!), we will not post the tune here. If you would like a copy of this tune, please contact Barnhouse directly and order it from them. 

If you have a piece of music that is already in the public domain, or that you'd like to place into the public domain, please see our Project Sousa Submissions page for guidelines as to what we're looking for. 


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